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Calabria is in the toe of Italy. Its unspoiled scenery is a beautiful combination of hills, mountains, wide sandy beaches, picturesque historic villages, and the wonderful turquoise Tyrrhenian Sea of South Italy.
You can enjoy delightful excursions to attractive places such as Paola, Amantea, Belvedere Marittimo, Fiume Freddo, Cosenza, Tropea, Pizzo, Sicily, and the Aeolian Volcano Islands.

Stromboli - the most active volcano on Earth


The Sila National Park has mountains almost 2,000 m high and are well worth visiting. You can find some interesting links on this page.
Several fine ski resorts with excellent ski lift and rental facilities near the holiday apartment are available at Winter.

The superb weather conditions of our region allow you to play golf every month of the year.
Enchanting experience in Spring (April-May,) when you can play in the smell of orange flowers, and Autumn-Winter, when you can refresh yourself picking an orange from the trees.


In Calabria you get two climates and two holidays in one:
- On the coast is the hot, sunny Mediterranean climate with wide

  sandy beaches. Local agriculture produces excellent local wine and

  food, and the sea produces fresh catches every day.
- Inland, high up in the mountains are virgin pine  forests with

  cool air and clear mountain streams.

It is amazing that these two climates exist within 20 km of each other!!


Weekly market in San Lucido (Tuesday)

Every Tuesday from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. the weekly market in San Lucido takes place. Besides regional specialties, the traders offer Italy’s latest fashion for sale, etc., etc.

Just 30 min. walk along the beach from the holiday home
















The Private Beach at San Lucido Beach Resort in October

Sun chairs and umbrellas are included in the rent 

    View from the highway to the Sila Mountains in October 
If you prefer an active holiday, you can use the 2 floodlit tennis courts, 2 swimming pools, beach volley,
football pitch, and table tennis at San Lucido Beach Resort.

And not to mention the excellent skiing facilities in the Sila Mountains less than 1 hour drive from
San Lucido Beach Resort.

View a YouTube film (3 min. 43 sec) giving you various skiing impressions from Camigliatello Silano
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Tradition is very much a part of this region of Italy, and being here offers a glimpse of the way Italian life has been lived for centuries  

Much of Calabria is rural and offers a gentle pace of life, fresh air, and beautiful countryside. This together with crystal clear waters to swim in can make for an invigorating and restorative holiday.  


Travel high up into the mountains, and you can spot local shepherds leading their flocks across the hillside and old ladies collecting wild herbs. Many families here still grow their own produce, including grapes, beans, and artichokes.  


The wonderful climate allows fresh food to be grown in abundance, and the people take pride in producing delicious local dishes. Italian life can also be observed when watching the famous Italian ‘Passeggiata’ on
a Sunday evening, when families stroll through the main squares to meet their friends, gossip, and show off their children. Enjoy an ice cream whilst observing this part of the local life and culture.


If you venture inland, you'll step back into time... this is not the modern stylish Italy we all know and love. You are in the mezzogiorno, and you will see a world that is both Mediterranean and traditional.
You'll drive past countless roadside fountains dispensing natural mineral water.


Amantea - a wonderful old town perched on a hill along with the ruins of a medieval castle and the church of Fancis of Assissi and adjoining convent overlooking the newer coastal town with modern supermarkets, etc., which is now a popular beach tourist town. 


Belvedere Marittimo - a historic medieval town perched on top of a hill, 150 m above sea level, built around a Norman castle.  


Pizzo - a pretty and picturesque town situated on the slope of a steep hill. It is medieval origin with buildings and narrow lanes sloping down towards the sea. It is a popular seaside resort town.


Sila National Park

Only 40 min. away from the apartments at San Lucido Beach Resort is the Sila National Park - a little known treasure in the toe of Italy - ideal for an excursion day out - away from the coast and beach.  


The Sila National Park covers 130 sq km, with wooded hills that create endless rolling views. It’s dotted with small villages and cut through with looping roads that make driving a viewing experience. 


It’s divided into three areas:

- Sila Grande, with the highest mountains

- Albanian Sila Greca (to the north)

- Sila Piccola (near Catanzaro) with vast forested hills

Its highest mountain peaks, covered with tall Corsican pines, reach 2,000 m, high enough for thick snow in winter, which makes it a popular skiing destination.  


In the summer, the climate is coolly alpine with carpets of wildflowers. At its peak is the Bosco di Gallopani (Forest of Gallopani), part of the Parco Nazionale della Calabria.  


There are several beautiful lakes, the largest of which is Lago di Cecita o Mucone near Camigliatello. 


A range of outdoor activities are possible including mountain biking, quad-biking, paragliding, organized treks, and canoeing.


In the winter skiing is available on the Sila Mountains at 4 locations:

- Camigliatello 

- Lorica 

- Villagio Palumbo 

- Circilla 

These have cable cars, ski hire, and ski school facilities. 


Lorica - on banks of Lake Avro is 95 km from San Lucido. Take the cable car up to Monte Donato, 1,928m high, for breathtaking views. For family fun, enjoy the thrills of the artificial 1 km long Bob Car Run at Lorica - open both summer and winter.  


The Sila region fascinates the visitor not only by the beauty and variety of its landscapes, but also by the locals, who have preserved ancient traditions and have a great sense of warmth and friendliness. 



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